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Rat Problems Bucks

Rat Problems Bucks As Autumn approaches the rats are starting to look for somewhere a little warmer to nest With this in mind we have created a new section on our website dedicated to the rat control services we provide and the locations we cover. Don’t worry if your town or village isn’t mentioned below,… Read More

Asian Hornets in Buckinghamshire

Asian Hornets in Buckinghamshire A quick search for DEFRA Asian Hornets on Google doesn’t reveal a great deal about them but I did find this information about Asian Hornets on the website; Asian hornet (Vespa velutina) Vespa velutina, or the yellow legged hornet, is a predator of honey bees. It was accidentally introduced from… Read More

Useful Resources

Useful Resources Below are some useful links to other pest control companies who operate outside of our area. Pest Control Bucks – Our sister site that is set up for general pest control. UK Pest Controllers Directory – Find local pest controllers throughout the UK with this county search or town search facility. Pest Control… Read More

Rat Specialist Joins The Bucks Pest Control Team

Rat Specialist Joins The Bucks Pest Control Team Think you have rat problems and need someone to sniff them out? Spiders your man Dog

New Website for Bucks Pest Control Services

New Website for Bucks Pest Control Services We are pleased to say that our new website for Glis Glis Control in Bucks and Wasp Nest Removal in Bucks is now live. With our main site starting to get a little cluttered we decided to set up a separate site predominantly concentrating on Glis Glis and… Read More

Commercial Pest Controllers Bucks

Commercial Pest Controllers Bucks Pest Control Bucks have been providing both domestic and commercial pest control services for nearly a decade now. Initially concentrating on domestic pest control we became a Limited company in 2010 and moved more in to the commercial side of pest control Where commercial pest control differs from domestic control is… Read More

Proud Members of NPTA
Proud Members of NPTA

Providing Glis Glis removal in The Farnhams, Glis Glis removal in Beaconsfield, Glis Glis removal in Gerrards Cross, Glis Glis removal in Amersham, Glis Glis removal in The Chalfonts, Glis Glis removal in Chesham, Glis Glis removal in Marlow, Glis Glis removal in Maidenhead, Glis Glis removal in South Bucks and Surrounding Areas.

Providing wasp nest removal in The Farnhams, wasp nest removal in Beaconsfield, wasp nest removal in Gerrards Cross, wasp nest removal in Amersham, wasp nest removal in The Chalfonts, wasp nest removal in Chesham, wasp nest removal in Marlow, wasp nest removal in Maidenhead, wasp nest removal in South Bucks and Surrounding Areas.

Providing Rat Control in The Farnhams, Rat Control in Beaconsfield, Rat Control in Gerrards Cross, Rat Control in Amersham, Rat Control in The Chalfonts, Rat Control in The Chilterns, Rat Control in Chesham, Rat Control in Marlow, Rat Control in Maidenhead, Rat Control in South Bucks and Rat Control in Surrounding Areas.

We also provide; Ant Treatment, Bedbug Treatment, Cluster Fly Treatment, Cockroach Treatment, Flea Treatment, Fox Control, Glis Glis Control, Mole Control, Mouse Control, Rabbit Control, Rat Control, Wasp Nest Removal